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Site Selection

Choosing a favorable location for your business can be a significant competitive advantage. Effective site selection mitigates risk, reduces cost, and avoids potential adverse short- and long-term conditions. From the beginning of the development process, BT Strategies ED team plays a significant role in planning and defining a detailed evaluation of each project’s needs. 

We partner with local and regional governments and economic development organizations to secure a variety of tax and relocation incentives that benefit both the community and our client.

In-depth Analysis Location-based Factors

  • Tax incentive analysis
  • Real estate market analysis 
  • Advanced location analytics 
  • Labor analytics 
  • Tax environment 
  • Real estate availability 
  • Economic incentives 
  • Demographics 
  • Business climate 
  • Competitor clusters 
  • Transportation evaluation 
  • Utility and infrastructure assessment 
  • Geo-political risks 
  • Accessibility

Incentives Advisory

Economic incentives are offered by all levels of government to encourage companies to invest and create jobs in certain communities. Incentives can take many shapes and forms, with some being simple filings on a tax return to others being extremely complex to navigate. 

 Securing and realizing economic incentives are essential for any company to minimize capital expenditure and reduce ongoing operating costs.

Maximize Your State & Local Incentives

  • State and Local Payroll 
  • Tax Credits 
  • Real and Personal Tax Abatement/PILOTS, FILOTS 
  • Training Grants 
  • Low Interest / No Interest Loans 
  • Sales and Use Tax Exemptions
  • Infrastructure Grants
  • Land/Lease Savings 
  • State and Local Discretionary Grants 
  • Tax Increment Financing (TIF) 
  • Industrial Revenue Bonds / Industrial Development Bonds 
  • Cash Grants 
  • Utility Rate Reductions 
  • Special Tax Districts

Community Development

Implement economic development strategies to help communities foster business retention, expansion and attraction. As consultants to community development corporations, cities, and municipalities, we help cities, neighborhoods, and communities accelerate, reactivate, or sustain their vitality through cohesive planning, economic development, and community investment strategies.

Build Stronger Communities

  • Stakeholder Outreach and Community Engagement 
  • Economic Development Strategy Plans 
  • Comprehensive Plans 
  • Land Use Studies 
  • Market and Feasibility Studies 
  • Strategic Processes and Models 
  • Development of Concept Plans 
  • City Representation in Redevelopment Process 
  • Developer Selection and Coordination Process 
  • Urban Planning and Design Guidelines 
  • Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs)

Compliance & Administration

Limited resources can make compliance tough. Particularly when you don’t have the reporting capabilities needed to demonstrate your compliance with the terms of the incentive.

Our experts will keep you up to date with program changes and quarterly, semi-annual or annual reporting requirements. We provide an in-depth review/analysis of secured incentives packages, fulfill compliance requirements, and manage ongoing location-specific expenses in the state and local tax arenas.

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